Online booking terms

The Check -In is from 14:00 pm until 19:30 pm. ( Check can be modified by agreement ) . Check -Out The department must be made from 8:00 am until 10:30 hrs. ( The Check -Out can be modified by agreement . )

Weekends and holidays : should coordinate the schedule previously .

For the following dates: December 24, 25 December, 31 December and 1 January , the charge for performing a check in / out for U $ S 40 ( forty U.S. dollars ) .

NOT perform check in / out between 7 pm and 7 am .

Reservations are made through a payment of 25 % of the rent for apartments and 50 % for houses . The remaining balance will be paid in cash on arrival .

The reservation payment can be in cash , bank transfer, Dinero Mail and PAYPAL from outside.

In the case of cancellation or modification of the days of your reservation, the deposit will not be returned . Short Term Rental in Cordoba is not responsible for cancellations or changes of your booking.

Please check and confirm the days of stay before booking, since only valid for the dates you plan . In the event of any changes in your booking dates , deposits related to it will not be returned . Any new book involve a new payment .

Please make sure you have your arrival date so you can plan your check -in and keep your contacts informed of any delay or modification. We have your phone number and e email in case you need to contact you regarding your arrival time. You can send this information via e- mail to or call ( +54 ) 351 4234376 or ( +54 ) 9351 521 3517 .
Your e- mail confirmation of arrival and departure clearly says where to meet your contact person on the day of arrival.

On arrival day , we will meet to sign the rental agreement. At that time must complete the payment of rent, security deposit and administrative costs. All payments must be made in Argentine pesos in cash or its equivalent in U.S. dollars. Make sure you have the cash needed before reaching the department. We can´t hand over the keys until the guest has paid the total contract (rent, security deposit, plus administrative costs).

Payments for accommodation are not refundable. If you decide to shorten your stay , payments made in advance will not be returned .

Upon signing the contract a copy of the inventory is also signed. The host will provide a security deposit , refundable upon check out , then verify that everything is in good condition. Please note that by accepting our Terms and Conditions, you agree that any damages caused by you or your party will be deducted from your deposit and you will also be liable for any damages that exceed the amount of the bond.
Before their departure time in the department will verify the condition of the same for the return of the security deposit .

For rentals of 30 days or less , the deposit is half of the monthly rent . Between 1 and 6 months, the corresponding deposit is one month 's rent.

The owners reserve the right to refuse admission of tenants to their properties are reserved . The occupation of the property by a greater number of people to the permitted capacity will result in immediate cancellation of the contract.
The customer is obliged to observe the ordinary security measures to prevent the entry of outsiders to the property during the stay . Failure to comply with this obligation , the customer is responsible for any damage caused to the property or assets in the same . Also no pets allowed in the apartments.
Alquiler Temporario en Cordoba or the owner of the property ( which will be identified upon request ) will be entitled to access to the property to carry out any repair or maintenance work required. Except in cases of emergency, the customer will be informed beforehand.

Loud music and parties are banned. Guests staying in an apartment of Alquiler Temporario en Córdoba should know that if parties or loud music are heard, or neighbors complain and / or call the police , this may result in immediate eviction regardless of time of day or night .

Rest hours are from 22:00 PM to 10:00 a.m.
Greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter and hope you understand that these rules are necessary as these apartments are all situated in residential buildings where the nightly rest of other residents living people to be up early for work, and must be respected .

The client, signing the check -in , subject to the correct and decent behavior of all the persons accompanying him . Is prohibited in the building activities that are at odds with the moral and good customs . If this person , or any person accompanying him is not behaving properly and responsibly, Alquiler Temporario en Cordoba has the right to request the client and the persons accompanying him to leave the apartment without the right to future claims or any compensation.

This will also mean the loss of prepaid rent and refundable security deposit .

Also note that by booking with Alquiler Temporario en Cordoba you have already agreed our terms and conditions and will therefore be expected to abide by these rules . You also need to sign these rules upon check -in the day of his arrival.

If prior to guest arrival , unexpected damage occurs in the reserved property that prevented their use , the company shall inform the host what happened and offer two alternatives:

a) Locating it in another apartment of similar characteristics available for the dates of stay .

b ) Refund the money he was paid for the booking .

If during the guest's stay encounter a problem that would preclude their stay at the rented apartment , the company and the owner ensure that guests made ​​all necessary steps to resolve the issue and the guest agrees to accept these steps to obtain the termination of proceedings problem emerged. In the event that the problem was of such gravity that is impossible to be solved in a reasonable time, the company will offer guests the following:

a) Relocation in another apartment of similar characteristics available for the remaining period to terminate the contract.

b ) Return the equivalent of unused days of the contract rent .

No complaints or requests for relocation outside the limits of the reserved unit causes are accepted.
Upon the occurrence of fortuitous events or force majeure such as acts of any nature, disasters, bombings , vandalism or other outside the responsibility of the owner such as general power outages , gas shortages by providing ready -made companies or any other events that exceed the liability of owners and make uncomfortable or prevents the guest's stay in the rental unit , the company agrees to perform all steps within its power to assist in resolving the problem emerged.

Cleaning during stay : is provided as an optional cleaning service if you are interested ask them to inform current rates.

The outputs should be performed until 10:30 hrs. Any unauthorized departures after 10:30 hrs will be penalized.
If you require a later departure please ask if it is possible when you check -in . Try to accommodate our next arrival is not early the same day. If possible, you can stay in the apartment until 14.00 , paying 50 % of the rental price per night . Any departures after 14:00 pm will be subject to the total price of the day.

The day of departure you must vacate the apartment tidy and have thrown in the garbage properly. For stays longer than 30 days , the guest will be returned at check out the apartment in clean conditions (washing of linens and towels, pillows, bedspreads, cubresommiers , curtains, etc. . , And general cleanliness of department ) ; or you can choose to make a payment in respect of cleaning (see current rates ) and the owner is responsible to perform the work .

They are subject to change without notice.

In the event that the host needed an extension of rental must request it. If the department was available there will be a new contract at the then prevailing price.

The price of the lease is included consumption light up to 5 kWh per day (150 kWh per month). The same consumer surplus must be paid separately by the tenant be own consumption .

The reservation payment of administrative costs and / or rental price implies acceptance of all items described herein under the heading "Terms and Conditions" .